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If the rocks of the Great St Bernard pass could talk, they would not only tell us almost everything about our planet's geological evolution but they would also talk about the history of man, from Bronze Age till today. Being a bridge between Mediterranean countries and North Europe, this pass at 2472 meters altitude, in the heart of the Alpes, has witnessed through the millennia a continuous flow of people and cultures. Ever since convenient highways and modern tunnels took away the alpine traffic, the Great St Bernard pass has been the object of tours and pilgrimages from all over the world, particularly in the summer months. Nobody can resist the antique and mysterious charm this place exudes, not even the most disenchanted tourist.

Driving through the Aosta-Great St Bernard State Road, the motorist has the real feeling of being in the heart of the Alpes. The driver will be overawed by the greatness of the mounts while being approached by a stark, apocalyptic and lunar landscape: jagged and weather-carved sides, bottomless abysses, colossal gorges and crevices, cliffs that look like petrified waves. There, in the background, is the Mont Blanc's ice-armored range. No trees, no bushes, no strands of grass. After several bends, in the highest point of the pass, the Hospice, built in order to be seen through snowstorm and fog, comes into sight and with it, comes the all-year-iced lake.

The pass, continuously beaten by violent and icy winds, that can speed greater than 200 km/h during storms, has one of the most harsh climate in the world. The average annual temperature is below the freezing point and the snowfalls can reach heights of 30 meters throughout the months, with frequent snowstorms even in summer. In a climate permanently wintry, vegetation cannot burgeon. Only lichens, well-sheltered glacier-buttercups and polar-willows can grow abundantly. In this environment, which seems almost incompatible with life, as we commonly understand it, the Saint Bernard’s dogs have worked for centuries to serve mankind as good Samaritans. These same dogs are the popular angelic giants whose deeds are known by every child in the world who has been reading books about them. These “Alps’ Giants” have been breeding in each continent for centuries and still they are the most classical and complete auxiliary dogs for high-mountain rescue, as well as representing the unquestionable symbol of utilitarian and psychic beauty, strength, endurance, bravery and loyalty to mankind.

This book, unique and original, is the first work about this breed to be written in such a detailed level. It is the result of many decades of study and close researches carried out by the noble family of Counts Morsiani from Bagnara di Romagna who have been the undisputed protagonists for over 75 years. This book wants to be a complete and absolute love tribute towards the most imposing example among the Molossian dogs.

It is not just a “big” dog, a force of nature and a unique and unforgettable life partner, the St. Bernard is a real “BIG DOG” to fall in love with for the rest of your life.

What is this book

Everything in this book, written by Prof. Giovanni Morsiani, aims to characterize, in its refined exterior and content, the importance of an exceptional edition: this is a work of art!

It is extraordinary because it is the first work about a canine breed to be printed in 5 languages; it is extraordinary because it is the first time that a book receives the patronage of the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) and the authorization to put the logo on the work; it is extraordinary because almost twenty years since the demise of the author’s father, Dr. Antonio Morsiani, considered to be the greatest scholar, breeder and judge of this dog breed, and since the publication of his first milestone about the Saint Bernard Dog, published by Mursia and Kynos Verlag, a new milestone, done by his ideal successor, his son Prof. Giovanni Morsiani, is now being publishing.

Giovanni Pedrazzini

Structure of the book

Large format (29,5x36,5cm) this book will be composed of 496 pages with hundreds of photos and drawings printed in color on glossy paper. The cover will be printed in color and laminated with a glossy film and it will be coupled with a cardboard of 3mm and with a 17 cm side-flapped book jacket, printed in color and laminated with glossy film. The back panel has a white paper of 140 g, and the binding is in Refe thread.

The F.C.I. President Rafael de Santiago (on the left) while granting the official patronage of the Federation Cynologique Internationale to the new work about the Dog of Saint Bernard to Giovanni Morsiani (on the right), published by Giovanni Pedrazzini (in the middle) of the Editorial Polygraphic and Publishing Industry Centroffset S.r.l.

Bagnara di Romagna, September 27th 2014

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